[sane-devel] Re: Can someone help me with getting my Mustek 1200 ED scanner working?

Manuel Reimer mreimer at despammed.com
Fri Aug 26 16:08:50 UTC 2005

Wolfram Heider schrieb:
> for the use under Wine the .vxds don't have to be ported to linux. The point 
> is you should have the original windows scanning-frontend that was shipped 
> together with the scanner. Do you? Did you run it on the commandline with 
> 'wine /path/to/frontend.exe'? Maybe some .loc-files and .dlls have to be 
> copied to the proper places. The commandline should tell you which.

I've tried that. The frontend is displayed, but the scanner does nothing.

Is your scanner a parallel port scanner, too? As far as I know 
SCSI-scanners work fine, but parallel scanners need the vxd file.

It may also depend on how the manufacturers develope their drivers. 
Direct port access works fine with wine, but access via vxd file will 

> On my machine it works fine with an umax scanner. But it's only for fun, 
> sane/xsane is wolrds better.

I know, but I would need some help with getting my scanner working. I 
don't have the needed knowledge to "just start writing the driver", 
but I would help where I can.



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