[sane-devel] CanoScan LiDE20 - broken driver and so

Aldo blinuxman at rack66.com
Fri Aug 26 10:03:38 UTC 2005


I read the mails telling taht the driver is broken now,
but a few months ago someone told here on this list that we had to 
upgrade to v. 1.0.15 while SuSE 9.0 provides 1.0.13, (who was exactly 
running as mentionned in another mail here: scanning once, then you had 
to reboot or so).

My question is: if it is a "free time" problem, why not working / 
investigating on more coworkers? the problem with de LiDE series is, 
that they are very very popular, probably because they are cheap and 
VERY compact (n.b. that was for us the reason tu buy such scanner).

Another idea: if there is a maintainer of the driver for deb and rpm 
packages, shouldn't they accept to take some time to help a little?

Unfortunately I'm not developper; the only thing I could do is offering 
a "bounty" / Donation for the one (or org) whou can help resolving this 
IMHO important problem.

At this moment my wife continues to use the LiDE20 under Windows, while 
she had hoped to migrate entirely to Linux, (currently Debian Sarge).


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