[sane-devel] [ANN] unpaper 1.1 update

Jens Gulden mail at jensgulden.de
Sat Aug 27 23:02:46 UTC 2005


unpaper version 1.1 has been released. unpaper is a tool for
post-processing scanned book pages.

Some new features at a glance:

- Combine single-page scans to 2-page layout output.
- Resize to specific sheet sizes ('a4', 'letter', ...), zoom, stretch.
- Optimized speed of the auto-rotation ("deskewing") feature.

Available at http://unpaper.berlios.de/.


 From the history:
2005-08-27, version 1.1
- Single-page input sheets can now be joined to make 2-page output sheets.
   See options --input-pages [1|2] and --output-pages [1|2].
- Multiple input and output filename patterns can now be specified using the
   options --input-file-sequence and --output-file-sequence.
- Blank pages or sheets can be inserted into the sequence of input sheets
   using --insert-blank and/or --replace-blanks,
- Zooming and stretching are now supported, see --stretch, --zoom and
   --post-stretch, --post-zoom.
- The sheet size can be set while keeping the content's aspect ratio (and
   centering it with best-fitting on the sheet) using --size and --post-size.
   For changing the sheet size without performing any stretching/zooming of
   content use --sheet-size.
- Faster rotation when deskewing images. The rotating algorithm has been
   optimized to run up to 4 times faster than before. Additional speedup
   may be achieved by caching intermediate results of trigonometric calculations
   when processing multiple page. This caching uses a lot of memory, it
   can be enabled using the --cache switch.
- Rotation detection can now be configured to start at individual edges
   of the area to process. The parameter --deskew-scan-direction no longer
   takes v[ertical],h[orizontal] as values, but now l[eft],t[op],r[ight],
   b[ottom]. The default is 'l,r', which matches the previous version's
   default 'horizontal'.
- The behaviour of the 'double' template, used with the --layout parameter
   by specifying "--layout double", has been changed slightly. The input
   images are no longer assumed to be rotated by 90 degrees, as they would
   be when scanned from paper with a usual ADF-scanner.
   That means, "--layout double" no longer implies "--pre-rotate 90" and
   "--post-rotate 90". To get the layout-template behaving as in earlier
   versions, use "--layout double-rotated", this behaves like the old
   "--layout double".
- --border-align --border-margin allow to align page content heading towards
   one edge, but keeping a specified distance margin.
- Using the new parameter --blackfilter-scan-exclude [l,t,r,b], areas can
   be specified on which the blackfilter will not work. This is useful to
   exclude the blackfilter from working on inner page content, e.g. to
   protect images with larger dark parts from deletion.
   Note that the --layout option may preset some blackfilter-scan-exclude
- The speed of the noisefilter has been optimized a bit.
- The default --mask-scan-step value has been changed from 10 to 5, which
   should sometimes lead to better mask-area detection.
- The default --deskew-scan-depth value has been changed from 0.66 to 0.5,
   should sometimes lead to better rotation detection.
- The default --black-treshold value has been changed from 0.5 to 0.33,
   which should give a better looking, more saturated result when converting
   grayscale images to black-and-white mode.
- Existing output files will no longer be overwritten by default. If an
   output file to be written already exists, the program terminates with an
   error instead. Overwriting can be allowed using the --overwrite switch.
- Fix: Setting the parameter --pre-rotate or --post-rotate to 0 will no
   longer issue a useless warning message.
- Tested on MacOS X, additional compilation instructions for MacOS have been
    added to the documentation.
- Tested on SPARC Solaris.
- Compiler switch -DNOSINCOS disables use of the sincos() function, which
   preserves compatibility with math libraries that do not provide this

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