[sane-devel] support of canon 636u

doomwarrior doomwarriorx at gmail.com
Sun Aug 28 14:16:30 UTC 2005


i own a canon 636u and use it with linux for some times. i saw that the
driver is untested for my device. So i want to give a replay
the driver is working fine on the 636u. it is possible to scan color,
b/w with up to 600dpi. So the device is fully supported.
i only have sometimes a strange behaviour with xsane. (looks like every
line the linefeet is move by one pixel to the left) but i can not
reproduce it. after restart the app everything works fine again. with
shell-tools  i never had any problems so i think this could be a little
nasty bug in the frontend.
It would be great if someone can changed the 'untested' to 'good'.

best regards

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