[sane-devel] scanning an entire A4 page under commandline

m. allan noah anoah at pfeiffer.edu
Tue Aug 30 14:12:56 UTC 2005

Aldo- the options for paper size and scanning area are provided by the 
'backend' which is a driver that talks to the scanner. scanimage is a 
'frontend' which talks to you. try scanimage --help, which will tell the 
frontend to list all the options the backend provides.


On Tue, 30 Aug 2005, Aldo wrote:

> Hi,
> I am vision impaired and I can only use the console under Gnu/Linux.
> I've tried to scan, doing:
> scanimage -v --format tiff >outputfile.tif
> It works but the scanner only picks a portion of 248x256 pixels at
> 24-bit, while there is no any option mentionned in the man page to tell
> scanimage that it is a full (A4) page.
> Someone an idea?
> Info:
> distribution is Debian Sarge,
> with libsane and sane-utils (sufficient to scan uner commandline),
> v. 1.0.15-9
> And scanner is CanoScan LiDE20.
> My partner hadn't tested under xsane yet, due to the discussion here
> about "broken" driver;
> I'm temporarily doing tests from the console.
> Aldo.

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