[sane-devel] genesys backend

Stéphane VOLTZ stefdev at modulonet.fr
Wed Aug 31 06:12:50 UTC 2005


	I have applied your slope table patch in the experimental/genesys. I tested 
it wtih my MD6571 and everything I tried worked fine.
	The 'stagger' pattern is indeed :

	I've reread the 'genesys_read_ordered_data'. It has 2 phases. First it fills 
buffer with enough raw data for the second stage, which then copies data to 
the backend. The complexity comes from all the possible cases when copying 
raw data in the form required by the backend and frontend combination. One 
thing that come to my mind is that splitting that copy in a dozen of simple 
functions (one for each case) would be enough. But, since you're going after 
something better, I'll wait for it.

	I think it is high time you get CVS access to SANE. The one thing we will 
have to mind is to discuss or warn for changes in the common code. Simple 
fixes and chipset specific changes should be OK.

	I am going to tune the gl646 part for the HP2400. I believe that the changes 
I have in mind (mostly constants tweaking) shouldn't disturb your current 


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