[sane-devel] Agfa Scanner

Daniel Glöckner daniel-gl at gmx.net
Mon Dec 26 22:15:31 UTC 2005

a year ago I found a Win2k SCSI driver for these scanners containing
symbols. The driver was written by Acer, so these Agfa scanners are
probably just rebranded.

According to the driver, there are two chipsets for these scanners. They
are called 2103A and 7107P. My 1212P has the 2103A (it's written on a

I attached two files that might be helpful.
umacer.c is a program that sends a INQUIRY SCSI command to the scanner
and displays the reply as hexdump.
snapscan-pp.diff is a diff against sane-backends 1.0.14 that adds
parport support. It is based on snapscan-usb.

Both open /dev/parport0 to lock the port and use inb/outb to do the IO.


They get out of sync on the scsi bus. Bytes get duplicated. A line is
toggled for every byte, but I have no idea when the data lines are valid
again. I only managed to scan a few lines. It is horribly slow, because it
doesn't use EPP or ECP. Maybe implementing these will fix everything (EPP
and ECP have hardware handshaking).

I asked BenQ Germany for documentation, but they answered they couldn't
find any for such an old scanner after having moved two times. They keep
scanner documents for three years. BenQ USA didn't answer.

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