[sane-devel] Nikon LS 5000

Spiro Angeli Spiro@siriush.com
Wed Jul 6 10:55:19 UTC 2005


I tried to email directly the author of the Nikon sane project but never 
obtained a reply. So, I try to post here with the hope to get an answer, if 
possible (even from himself).

Between Nikon LS 4000 and LS 5000 there are major improvements that made me  
choose the LS 5000. Moreover, LS 4000 has been discontinued by Nikon, at 
least in Italy. So, how will I be able to make my LS 5000 work if I do not 
see any compatibility with sane?

I kindly wish to ask if the developer for Nikon has any plan and any schedule 
Also, I wish to ask you guys for help/advice.
Obviously, I am aware of ViewScan, but do not know if I can perform batch 
perfectly with the Nikon LS 5000.

I have to scan a lot of pictures, 35mm films made of negatives that have been 
cut to 4 frames per each. I have to manual feed them, but wish to do so 
through batch so that I do not have to interact with the GUI part.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you so much,

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