[sane-devel] Nikon LS 5000]]

Spiro Angeli Spiro@siriush.com
Thu Jul 7 10:13:29 UTC 2005

Hi Ariel,

thank you for explaining to me all those details.

I then take the opportunity to ask this question based on what I will explain 

I opted for the Nikon scanner LS-5000 because it is fast to scan and because 
it has this extra ICE hardware function which is excellent. I prefer using 
Linux because I wish to work on this charity project with an OpenSource OS 
and Apps. Now, If I am forced to use Microsoft to run Nikon application Amen, 
I will do so, as long as I can still do batch scanning.
I have never used VewScan and although it can do batch scanning the author 
told me that there might be some calibration issues with feeding negatives 
with Nikon scanners.

So, considering that this is an important project I have to work on, what 
would you advice me to do?
Please advice...

I do not mind waiting a few for obtaining sane as back-end software. Worst 
scenario I can try using VueScan or Windows Nikon application. But, would you 
agree that Nikon LS-5000 could be an ideal scanner to purchase? Any 
alternative (compared to the LS-5000)?

Lastly, with the LS-4000, that is compatible, how would batch scanning be? 
Would I have troubles or not? I ask this because if LS-4000 works fine, then 
I would project in my mind that perhaps the LS-5000 would do the same.

Any advice is very well appreciated. I do not have experience with scanning 
films and hardware choice. I appeal to those who have it.

Thank you,

> Hi Spiro,
> > I am glad you are working on this scanner as I see more people needing
> > your assistance.
> >
> > As for me, I am now very happy because the project I have to work on is
> > very big; it involved about 15000 pictures (35mm) and the sponsor, for
> > charity, trusts my work. So, on my behalf, I then trust and rely on your
> > assistance. So, I will purchase the NIKON LS-5000 (feeling more relaxed
> > and peaceful) and as soon as you are completed with the driver I will
> > start my project. I would only ask you one favor, if possible: Please
> > let me-us know when you believe to be close to completing the
> > development and also, if you need me to do some testing let me know. I
> > work on amd64 64bit.
> > I hope to hear something soon or some updates.
> hey, thanks for your enthusiasm, but please note that there are not
> warranties that i will be able to get it working... zero, nada, niente...
> or it could simply take much longer, so don't base your purchase only on
> the linux driver availability!  I didn't even get the specs yet, so didn't
> even start looking at the issues.
> Of course it is a great scanner so it is worth purchasing it anyway, but
> remember that if you intend to do batch scanning relying on the sane
> driver might not be the best option because it would lack the whole set of
> automated functions the original driver provides (ICE, gem, roc,... your
> mileage may vary but depending on how good/bad your slides are these
> functions might save you a lot of time). ICE is the only feature which
> needs hardware support, the other ones are plain software algorithms in
> the driver.
> ICE works great for non kodachrome films, and sane will provide your with
> the 4th (infrared) channel, but i am not sure how to use that info in an
> automated way (substraction layer in gimp??)
> If windoze is not an option, there is also vuescan which i think it also
> performs several of the color correction features, but i have no
> experience with it.
> Cheers, Ariel

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