[sane-devel] compiling with gcc 3.3.4 on OS/2

Franz Bakan fbakan at gmx.net
Sun Jul 17 15:34:41 UTC 2005


because the problem is still there with the latest available
gcc-compiler (3.3.5) for OS/2 I repeat my question:

On Wed, 13 Oct 2004 23:25:08 +0200 (CEST), Franz Bakan wrote:

>I'm trying to build with gcc 3.3.4 and besides other small problems
>compiling fails with:
>sanei_scsi.c: In function `sanei_scsi_find_devices':
>sanei_scsi.c:3857: error: assignment of read-only member `str'

I can solve the problem, if I remove the 'const' from 
'const struct' in line 3793 of  sanei_scsi.c

Would it hurt to remove this 'const' from sanei_scsi.c in CVS
to make my compiler happy?


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