[sane-devel] Hangs after scan completes with Plustek backend on OS/2

Paul Smedley paul at smedley.info
Mon Jul 25 12:20:07 UTC 2005

Hi Gerhard

Gerhard Jaeger wrote:
> On Sunday 24 July 2005 13:19, Paul Smedley wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Wondering if anyone has any ideas on what could be causing hangs after a 
>> scan completes with Plustek-backend USB scanners on OS/2.
>> This is the only backend experiencing this kind of hangs.
> :((((((
Yeah I agree :)

>> A sample log is at http://smedley.info/plustekdebug.zip (460k compressed).
> Nothing special to see in there.
Only interesting thing is 2 failed calls to usbbulkread...

>> I see it locally with a Canon LiDE20, and also have reports of hangs 
>> with Epson Perfection 1250/1260 - the difference being that with the 
>> Canon I always get the hang, the Epson's seem to only hang randomly...
Another data point - a Canon LiDE30 seems to work perfectly... and I was 
wrong with the Epsons - the 1250's work perfectly - the 1260's hang 

>> Only clue to a potential problem I can see is that a bunch of .raw files 
>> get left behind in the same directory as scanimage is run from.
> The .raw files will be created when SANE_DEBUG_PLUSTEK is set to values >= 25.
> So you might want to set SANE_DEBUG_PLUSTEK=19 for further tests.
Ahh OK - as I say - it was just a thought :P

> There might be problems with the threading code?
Perhaps - I just wonder why it's only an issue on Plustek scanners - and 
even then only some...  There's a decent list of tested scanners from a 
variety of backends at http://smedley.info/sane.html and no reports of 
the issue on other backends :(

Time to crank up the debugger and see if anything shows.



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