[sane-devel] Good office scanners with ADF support?

Louis-Dominique Dubeau ldd@lddubeau.com
Wed, 01 Jun 2005 08:47:57 -0400

"Philip J. Hollenback" <phil@telemetry-investments.com> writes:

> I thought it wouldn't hurt, though, to at least ask this list.  Does
> anyone have any recommendations for a scanner with a 50 page ADF and
> good SANE support other than the HP 7450C?  I don't see much else that
> looks promising on the SANE homepage except maybe one of the Agfa
> SnapScans?

I have one recommendation AGAINST a specific model: the HP 5550c
(which is currently not supported by SANE anyway).  This is the first
and only scanner I've owned so I don't have good points of comparison
with other scanners but if the ADF is a must for you, don't go with
this model.  Its ADF doesn't work properly, period.  Actual jams
(where everything stops) are not frequent but it happens way too often
that it feeds two pages together.  That totally screws up whatever
batch of pages was supposed to be scanned.  It's a new machine so
there's no reason for this nonsense other than technical ineptitude on
HP's part.