[sane-devel] Good office scanners with ADF support?

Jens Gulden mail@jensgulden.de
Thu, 02 Jun 2005 20:43:37 +0200

Philip J. Hollenback schrieb:
>>My private scanner and printer is a Brother MFC 3420C
> However, I am a bit concerned by the reviews on the Amazon page for
> this printer:
> http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0000CA162/102-0416636-9700117?v=glance

There it says e.g.:
> The self-clean feature is especially daunting if you have a home office. This creature's feature comes on whenever it takes a notion, so that sometimes when one least expects it - mid day or in the deep dark of night - the darned thing noisily turns itself on and beeps and whirs its way through self-cleaning and Will Not Be Deterred! HAL's cousin, perhaps? Reviewed by TundraVision, Amazon Reviewer. 

Yes, all true. Surely HAL's cousin :-). The first weeks I had the 
MFC3420C standing in my sleeping-room, it woke me up about every third 
night because it just had the idea of performing an auto-clean right at 
4:30 o'clock ("beep beep rrrrr mmmm sssssseeeeeppppp beep beep 
rrrrrroaaarrr sip sip beeeeeep...")...
This auto-cleaning "feature" is very annoying, I think its main purpose 
is to use up ink and force you to buy another set of catridges every 
couple of months. There is no way to configure this (at least I haven't 
found documentation on that).
The machine would even refuse to print black-and-white pages if one of 
the color inks is empty, which is unnecessary and also very annoying. 
But at least it will still scan with empty ink...

Anyway, I personally benefit a lot from the ADF, and my printing costs 
are at least not higher than they were with my old HP-Deskjet...