[sane-devel] [ANN] Unpaper - post-processing scanned book-pages

Jens Gulden mail@jensgulden.de
Sun, 06 Mar 2005 13:38:16 +0100

Hello all,

Gerard Klaver wrote:
> My proposal/idea would be te place it in a sane-tools package.
> This would be a new package with for the time being only the unpaper
> program. (...)

> I had the idea that Jens (the developer of the unpaper program) is also
> the maintainer for unpaper in SANE CVS. So SANE CVS contains the new
> version.

Before starting the project-site on Berlios, I actually thought of 
joining the SANE-project somehow. But looking at the contents of the 
current sane-package, I found it to be off-topic to place an application 
like unpaper there. Actually, Gerard's suggestion is exactly what I 
originally looked for, but didn't find.

Oliver Rauch wrote:
> It only makes sense to do this when these packages have no other
> homepages.

I would like to close the BerliOS-project again, because I feel such a 
single tool is too fine-grained for one whole OS-project (and even more 
for having its own debian-package, as I think would be implied by 
Johannes Berg's idea of sane-tools as a meta-package). As I already 
wrote in the announcement: > Almost too small for being an open-source 
project on its own.

So, I would like to follow Gerard's suggestion.
Maintaining unpaper in the CVS-tree will be ok for me, as it is only a 
single .c-source file and a man page.


(I won't be in town until thursday, so please don't expect quick 
response in the next days.)