[sane-devel] Status of SANE Support for HP Scanjet 53xxC?

Dan McGhee farmerdan@i-rule.net
Wed, 09 Mar 2005 21:00:55 -0600

Christian Rank wrote:

>Hello list,
>I own a HP Scanjet 5370C and want to use it with Linux. The scanner is
>recognized by SANE and scanning works, but the resulting images have two
>- they are "slanted" (i.e. vertical lines show up as diagonal lines in
>the scan result),
>- the scanned immage contains color artifacts showing up as regularly
>repeating vertical stripes.
>A typical scan together with the debugging output can be found here:
>	http://rank.gmxhome.de/sane/
>(The scanner works perfectly with the "vuescan" product.)
>According to some messages on this list, there are other users who have
>the same problems with this scanner, so I'm wondering whether there are
>users which have a HP 53xxC which works with SANE without these problems.
You probably have already read my post in this list (Subj: Avision:  
Scanner Light Does Not Move--Garbage in Preview Window).  I have 
duplicated the problem you have with the version of sane-backends you 
checked out from cvs.  I have also gotten the problem to change to the 
light bar not moving by using the version of avision at


Please note that if you use this version you must also get sanei-usb.c 
and sanei-usb.h from the sanei directory at that URL.

The archive of this list contains posts indicating that the symptoms you 
describe have been fixed.  I currently am looking for a way to do a 
regression test to find that version of avision that doesn't exhibit 
these symptoms.

I'm sorry I can't offer you any solutions, but as I make progress, if I 
do, I'll be sure to post them to this list.

Good luck