[sane-devel] genesys and hp 2400

stef svoltz@wanadoo.fr
Tue, 15 Mar 2005 21:54:35 +0100

On Mon, Mar 14, 2005 at 07:44:09PM +0100, Florian Goth wrote:
> Hi!
> I've downloaded the genesys cvs- Code from ca. 12:00 CET and a sane snapshot 
> from last saturday. It compiled with some minor warnings. The scanner was 
> detected. I set SANE_GENESYS_DEBUG=255 and tried to scan. The Log output of 
> various combinations is attached. What I think is the showstopper: Somehow 
> the scanhead doesn't move. It makes some "clicking" noises during scanning 
> and somewhen scanimage aborts. If you want me to try something let me now.
> Flo.


	in the logs, the slope tables that drive motor speed are clearly bogus.
Currently, only the codepath taken when the motor and ccd are for the MD5345 
is well tested. It works for the MD6471, and I got a success report for a 
MD6228 .

	As an experiment you could try to change CCD_UMAX to CCD_5345 and 
MOTOR_UMAX to MOTOR_5345 in the hp2400c_model structure (in genesys_devices.c).

	Is there any chance you can use usbsnoop to log a 100 dpi color scan
under windows? Having such a log would allow us find what are the exact values
to set up in genesys_devices.c .