[sane-devel] ScanMaker 3840 driver update: added ScanMaker 4800 and endianness fixes

Earle F. Philhower, III earlephilhower@yahoo.com
Wed, 16 Mar 2005 00:22:11 -0800 (PST)

I've added support for the ScanMaker 4800 to the SM3840 driver in
the latest CVS and on my webpage, it seems to be the exact same
hardware as the 3840.  Also committed were bugfixes to allow the
driver to work on big-endian (Mac, etc.) machines, where the 4800
USB ID was tested.


Also, as an aside:  When I checked in my updated .desc file with
the SM4800 added to the listing the post-cvs server make seemed to
bomb out on the update of the backends listing file.  Is this error
expected, did I mess something up, or was this just a hiccup?

Trying to update HTML scanner lists in
/org/alioth.debian.org/chroot/home/groups/sane ...
... calling cvs -q update in
/org/alioth.debian.org/chroot/home/groups/sane/sane-backends-lists-cvs/doc ...
U descriptions/sm3840.desc
/bin/sh: sane-backends.html: Permission denied
make: *** [sane-backends.html] Error 1

-Earle F. Philhower, III

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