[sane-devel] HP ScanJet 2200C kernel2.6+libusb not works

Gerhard Jaeger gerhard@gjaeger.de
Wed, 16 Mar 2005 17:43:55 +0100

On Wednesday 16 March 2005 17:32, Reviczky =C1d=E1m J=E1nos wrote:
> Hi!
> Sinse i switched to the 2.6 kernel my scanner not works. I have a HP Scan=
Jet 2200C, that has work fine with the 2.4 kernel tree. I use Debian Sarge =
with kernel 2.6.11, and all usb modules for scanning are avaible. Libusb is=
 installed, i work as the root user and i get following:
> sane-find-scanner
> found USB scanner (vendor=3D0x03f0 [Hewlett-Packard], product=3D0x0605 [H=
P ScanJet2200C]) at libusb:002:002
> So i see my scanner in the lsusb and with sane-find-scanner.
> My installed versions are:
> ii  libsane        1.0.15-7       API library for scanners
> ii  sane           1.0.13-2       scanner graphical frontends
> ii  sane-utils     1.0.15-7       API library for scanners -- utilities
> ii  libusb-0.1-4   0.1.10a-6      userspace USB programming library


> [plustek] usbDev_open(libusb:002:002,0x03F0-0x0605) - 0x8052cd0
> [plustek] Vendor ID=3D0x03F0, Product ID=3D0x0605
> [plustek] usbio_DetectLM983x
> [plustek] UIO error
> [plustek] This is not a LM9831 or LM9832 chip based scanner. //i dont und=
erstand this point! It is a LM9831 or LM9832 chip based scanner!/
> [plustek] open failed: -1
> [dll] init: backend `plustek' is version 1.0.0
> [plustek] sane_get_devices (0xbfffe988, 0)
> [dll] sane_get_devices: found 0 devices


had the same problem here on my 2.6.11 box and libusb 0.1.10. Downgrading t=
o libusb-0.1.8
helped. I have currently no idea why it fails, I'm still investigating.