[sane-devel] Problems with custom-gamma

Ed Rippetoe erippeto@lexmark.com
Wed, 23 Mar 2005 09:17:07 -0500

We are trying to get an Epson Perfection 2480 Photo to use custom
gamma.  The command line arguments and error message returned are
below.  The scanner seems to be working otherwise.

Also, is there a way to hardcode, say through a symlink or something, a
static name for the device so it doesn't always change each time we
unplug/plug it.  As it stands now we have to change the device name in
our application if the scanner has been unplugged or powered off.  

scanimage --device snapscan:libusb:001:010 --mode Color --resolution 600
-x 216 -y 279 --custom-gamma="yes" --red-gamma-table
"[0]0-[1]1-[1]1-[2]2-[3]3-[5]5-[7]7-[11]11-[17]17-[25]25-[38]38-[57]57-[86]86-[129]129-[194]194-[255]255-[255]255" --green-gamma-table "[0]0-[1]1-[1]1-[2]2-[3]3-[5]5-[7]7-[11]11-[17]17-[25]25-[38]38-[57]57-[86]86-[129]129-[194]194-[255]255-[255]255" --blue-gamma-table "[0]0-[1]1-[1]1-[2]2-[3]3-[5]5-[7]7-[11]11-[17]17-[25]25-[38]38-[57]57-[86]86-[129]129-[194]194-[255]255-[255]255"  > /home/erippeto/lib/Apps/d55/align/Page_scan.ppm
scanimage: option --red-gamma-table: index 0 out of range [0..-1]

Ed Rippetoe
Lexmark International