[sane-devel] film scanner in linux?

Ivan Fernandez ivan.fernandez@yale.edu
Tue, 29 Mar 2005 13:19:34 -0500

> >Hello, and sorry if this is slightly off-topic.  I've been thinking
> >about buying a dedicated slide/negative scanner, but none of the models
> >I've seen in the market seem to be supported by SANE.  Could anyone give
> >me recommendations about which film scanners work well under Linux?
> If "in the market" includes also older or second-hand models,
> thre are some SANE-supported film scanners. The Canon FS2710S
> does work (2700 dpi, SCSI interface); if you need higher resolutions
> or IR channel, you should look for Minolta or Nikon.
Unfortunately, I'd need a USB (or Firewire) interface.  Thanks for the
Minolta tip, now I've seen the Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II appears as
supported.  Does anybody know if the same backend will support the
Dimage Scan Dual IV, which seems to be the current model?  This
definitely seems to be within my budget.  Any thoughts on price/quality
relationship in this series?


Ivan Fernández