[sane-devel] Plustek OpticBook 3600 supported?

Jens Gulden mail@jensgulden.de
Tue, 03 May 2005 12:44:31 +0200


Jon Niehof schrieb:
> http://www.sane-project.org/unsupported/plustek-opticbook-3600.html
> and links from that page.

Sorry, I only looked at the 'CVS'-section of 'Supported Devices',=20
thinking this would give me the most complete list...

I just sent a mail to Plustek, as part of my work at Technische=20
Universit=E4t Berlin, because we're thinking of buying one there. I made=20
clear that Linux compatibility is an important issue in professional=20
environments like ours.

At least, on the German Plustek-site they have a page telling about=20
Gerhard J=E4ger's drivers:=20
However, if you consider that on the one hand they reference to these=20
drivers without taking any responsibility for them, and on the other=20
hand they don't even give basic technical information to OpenSource=20
developers (as said on=20
I doubt that this behaviour puts Plustek into good light...

> It's really too bad; over at Distributed Proofreaders we're
> drooling over the thing.

Looking at what DP is doing, I wouldn't expect anything else than you=20
making fun about it... (In our case, we're definitely not planning to=20
build up a full-sized digital archive :-)
Do you mean the device itself is 'too bad', in terms of technical=20
quality? I don't even expect a too high image quality from it, but at=20
least it promises to be a handy tool when there's only a couple of books=20
to be scanned per month.
(And I like the idea of adopting my tool 'unpaper' to work with it.)

Are there any devices similiar to the Plustek OpticBook 3600? By other=20