[sane-devel] epson perfection 1670 under debian

Wolfram Heider wolframheider@web.de
Tue, 3 May 2005 20:51:03 +0200

Am Dienstag, 3. Mai 2005 09:12 schrieb MarC:
> En/na Olaf Meeuwissen ha escrit:
> >Julien BLACHE <jb@jblache.org> writes:
> >>MarC <marc_contrib@ramonvinyes.es> wrote:
> >>>My scanner *used to work some months ago* and now I can't find why
> >>>it's not working. I'm running a debian testing up to date with a
> >>>multimedia-low latency kernel.
> >>>I have copied the ESFW30.BIN file, setup the permissions, etc and it
> >>>worked wonderfully before.
> >>>
> >>>But now each time that I run xsane it displays: "no device found".
> >>>Usb is detected at the right place.
> >>>What am I missing? Can you give me any clue?
> >>
> >>Do you have libsane-extras installed ? If yes, remove it and try
> >>again. With the current libsane in testing, the backends from
> >>libsane-extras are tried first, and there's the epkowa backend in
> >>there ...
> >
> >Which does NOT support this scanner at the moment.
> So I'm rather confused now... Why my scanner did work some months ago?
The "NOT support" refers only to the epkowa backend. Support by libsane must 
work, I got a perfection 1670 working - however under different suse 
versions. Something either on the software or the hardware side must have 
been changed since those happy days your scanner worked.
By the way, did you exclude faulty hardware positively for example by 
installing a complete differnt driver software such as vuescan (will support 
perfection 1670, tested it myself. Commercial, but the free test version will 
do)? You can download it from http://www.hamrick.com. If your scanner then  
works something with the configuration of sane must be wrong. If not you will 
have to screw around at your box a little, having a keen eye on all  hatdware 
items in charge.
> >>A new libsane revision will enter testing in a few days fixing this
> >>problem.
> >>
> >>By the way, you don't need your config.sh script, hotplug takes care
> >>of that for you.
> >>
> >>JB.

Wolfram Heider