[sane-devel] Re: GL841 genesys.h

Philipp Schmid philipp8288@web.de
Wed, 11 May 2005 22:28:29 +0200


Luke Q Campagnola wrote:

>I started doing some work with the GL841 a while back and got as far as
>updating all of the register #defines and grabbing some usb dumps from
>windows. Now that there's a little more activity going on with this chip,
>I'd like to help out again. Is there anything I can do that won't
>interfere with the work already being done?
I've just adapted the register macros, enum for register adresses and 
sanei_gl841_print_registers (see in CVS). 

Unless sanei_gl841_print_registers is uncompleted, but I don't know if it is 
helpfull/necessary to insert the other registers to the print function.
Maybe somebody has a suggestion on this.

sanei_gl841_init_registers and other functions in genesys_gl841.c have to be adapted 
to the scanner controller, too.

But please inform sane-devel what you are doing to avoid any double development.