[sane-devel] local user using scanner

John Coppens john@jcoppens.com
Fri, 13 May 2005 13:39:38 -0300

On Thu, 12 May 2005 16:51:38 -0400
"Terry D. Boldt" <fastsnip-frnds1@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Just installed Fedora Core 3 (had been using RH8 Linux Kernal 2.4.20).
> Am having trouble getting permission for the local user (non-root) to
> use the scanners.  I can run xsane (and vuescan) as root and the
> scanners are found and used no problem. But cannot do the same as a non-
> root user.
> Any suggestions?
> I have an idea it might have something to do with settings the proper 
> permissions someplace, but I have no idea where.

Need more information (c)...

Is it a parallel scanner or USB? If parallel, you'll have to run the
saned to be able to scan as non-priviledged user.
If USB, the trick is probably to change the permits of the USB ports
using the hotplug system.