[sane-devel] A proper scanner for working throught SANE

Mohit Kumar Mohit Kumar <mohit.kumar@gmail.com>
Tue, 17 May 2005 17:03:32 +0530

Hi All,

Sorry for this trivial question, but I am just starting to work with
SANE. I was looking to write an application to scan certain documents
as the starting point. For this I need to buy a scanner.
I went through the list on your site but it seems outdated as most of
the models are not currently available in the market. Hence I am
requesting you to tell me which of the following scanners are
"completely" supported by SANE. Complete support is important for
testing aspects.

1. H.P. Scanner 2400
2. H.P. Scanner 3770
3. H.P. Scanner 4070
4. H.P. Scanner 4670
5. H.P. Scanner 8200

These are the scanners available at my local vendor and I wanted to
buy it as soon as possible.

Sorry for troubling.