[sane-devel] libusb - problems with open/close of device in backend?

m. allan noah anoah@pfeiffer.edu
Mon, 23 May 2005 14:52:27 -0400 (EDT)

steven, i see this exact problem with certain fujitsu scanners. the 
difficulty is that USB uses a 0/1 toggling bit during the data transmit 
phase. when libusb closes the device, the device should reset the toggle 
back to 0, the kernel does. subsequent transmissions should start with 
toggle set to 0, but if device thinks it should be 1, then device ignores 
packets. windows never closes the device (the driver loads at bootup) so 
the fujitsu engineers had no idea what i was talking about (though i note 
that later usb2.0 fujitsu scanners do not have this problem)

you have three options that i see:

1. count the number of data packets you 
are sending to scanner, and always send an even number. remember that just 
cause you sent or read 16 k of data, does not matter, it was busted up by 
lower layers. you need this larger number of smaller packets.

2. get kernel/libusb to keep current toggle instead of trashing it.

3. call usb_reset(device) as the very last step before you exit. this will 
cause the device to re-enumerate, and reset all of its internal data. 
while ugly, this works for me everytime. there are other functions like 
usb_clearhalt and usb_resetep, but those dont seem to fix my problem.

my advice? write a little prog that uses libusb directly, and try to do 
simple things outside the confines of sane.


On Mon, 23 May 2005, Steven Palm wrote:

> Still working on the microtek2 backend stuff for libusb...
> It seems that the odd issues I'm encountering will go away if I don't ever 
> close the USB device. If I leave it open for the duration of the backend 
> lifetime, scanimage -L will properly identify it. If I open and close it for 
> each operation, I get timeouts trying to read responses, and if I increase 
> the response size the scanner will send back a larger packet which seems to 
> show that I miss the first block of data (32-bytes for this scanner).
> Is this a problem anywhere else with the libusb stuff?
> Is there harm in leaving the scanner open until sane_exit ?
> At least for now doing this allows scanimage -L to find the scanner.  That is 
> good.  However, another glitch is cropping up when I try to send the 
> system_status block back to the scanner... The USB log shows the transmission 
> is without error, but after that point I get no more response from the 
> scanner to the remaining commands. The odd thing is, I've not changed 
> anything about the logic of what is being sent to the scanner, just sending 
> it via libusb instead of writing to the fd of the linux kernel scanner 
> driver. Oh well. :-)

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