[sane-devel] Need some help in a hurry ...

Joe jcoelho@cpovo.net
Thu, 26 May 2005 22:23:13 -0300

Hello my friends,

My name is Joelson.
I work for a bank that has been the leader in Brazil on using Linux on ATMs,
servers and almost all desktops.

Well, now there is a group inside this company that is trying to force the
adoption of Windows XP on all equipments.

They are trying to discover some leaks on Linux drivers to outstand MS OSs
instead of showing the leaks we do already know, as security, for example.

The problem is:
- Almost one year ago, they bought a pack of scanners model AVISION DS310F
to use as a pair of laser printer to make document copies, instead of
copying machines, like Xerox. Well, know this group decided to use this
scanner as a scanner, to documents and images to save in the servers (well,
they already know that this scanner doesn't have Linux support yet). And
they are trying to show this as a goal to force the migration to MS arrrrgh
Windows OS.

The question is:
- Is there any driver that function with this parallel scanner ?   OR
- Is there any driver that we can use as the base to build a new one (we
also need some docs to help)?

Any help would be great.
thanks for your time,
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