[sane-devel] Problem reading HP ScanJet 6200C/6250C

Peter Kirchgessner peter@kirchgessner.net
Fri, 27 May 2005 21:23:23 +0200


you can see what the hp-backend is doing when looking for scanners, if
you set the environment variable SANE_DEBUG_HP to 255 in a command shell:

export SANE_DEBUG_HP=255

then start xsane (or another application that uses SANE) from that
command shell. You will see some debug printouts and maybe also some
error messages which may tell you what's going wrong. You also can look
at /var/log/messages if the USB-layer is creating some error messages.

I hope it helps


Mohit Kumar schrieb:
> Peter,
> Its USB.
> Thanks,
> Mohit
> On 5/27/05, Peter Kirchgessner <peter@kirchgessner.net> wrote:
>>how is your scanner connected to the computer ? SCSI and/or USB ?
>>Mohit Kumar schrieb:
>>>Hi All,
>>>I am facing a strange problem.
>>>Sometimes SANE is able to find the HP ScanJet 6200C/6250C and on other
>>>times, it refuses to acknowledge it.
>>>Instead of running my code, I tried running XSane and saw a similar
>>>behaviour. The only difference acknowledged was that in this case it
>>>took a little extra time as compared to when no scanners are already
>>>Is this a known issue or I am doing something wrong? Could this also
>>>be a problem of the scanner?
>>>I have already lost one of my computers to this problem and I am not
>>>too eager in loosing others.
>>Peter Kirchgessner

Peter Kirchgessner