[sane-devel] Re: FW: canon630u's gl640 forked for CanoScan3000 and others?

Gerhard Jaeger gerhard@gjaeger.de
Tue, 31 May 2005 09:08:01 +0200


I'd like to have this mail on sane-devel, so let's continue there...

On Tuesday 31 May 2005 00:18, amth@suomi24.fi wrote:
> Trying to get in contact with sane-canon630u maintainer haven't been successful
> I noticed that also sane-u12 backend also has GL640 routines so my original
> suggestion might work with u12-sources, so I forward my original post to
> this email address listed on the u12-sources.
> Sorry if being a bit pushy, but wanting to get involved, but not by reinventing
> the wheel (once again)... ;-);-)
> Anyways, please take at least a quick look into moving GL-specific stuff
> to either genesys-backend, or just give me a "go ahead" approval so I can
> start shifting stuff around to a yet again new backend for the CanoScan3000
> and others listed on the included email-copy.
> Thanks,
> --
> amth
>> Forwarded message:
>>I have been looking into CanoScan 3000(F) sane backend creation, and noticed
>>that fb630u has already needed come to communicate with GL640 USB 1.1 to
>>EPP converter chip that should be 100% software compatible to GL660 USB
>>2.0 to EPP/DMA converter that is used at least on these additional scanners:
>>CanoScan 3000(F)     = GL660 + GL646
>>CanoScan 5000F       = GL660 + GL646 or GL841
>>UMAX Astra 4500      = GL660 + GL646 (relabelled as Avision B2)
>>UMAX Astra 4700      = GL660 + GL646 (relabelled as Avision B2)
>>Avision iVina FB1600 = GL660 + GL646 (relabelled as Avision B2)
>>Avision iVina FB1800 = GL660 + GL646 (relabelled as Avision B2)
>>so my question is that would it be possible to either simply cut'n'paste
>>some gl640-specific parts of the sources to be included to genesys-backend
>>or to a independent backend?
>>And I haven't yet looked into how sane-niash controls HP3300C that it supports
>>as in my understanding the HP3300C has an GL640 interface controller too...?
>>Or better yet, canon630u backend might move all gl640 sources to genesys
>>and then just .h include them on the canon630u backend (that is an LM9830-based
>>Any way, I would like to hear what options would fit the best from your
>>point of view...
>>Thank you in advance,

to be honest, I'm not sure what to answer. On one hand, I see, that the original
genesys sources are for the UMAX 4500 and therefore they should somehow work
with the CanoScan 3000 (work means, the communication should work), one the other
hand, it seems, that there are some diffs. I didn't follow the latest discussions
about that on sane-devel, but I'd like to hear from the genesys-experts out there.
It would be also a good idea to check the USB logs...