[sane-devel] Good office scanners with ADF support?

Philip J. Hollenback phil@telemetry-investments.com
Tue, 31 May 2005 16:24:04 -0400

I'm setting up a scanner for a small office.  This scanner is destined
to replace a fax machine and so must have and automatic document
feeder capable of holding 50 sheets.  It also needs to work with a
linux system, so that's why I'm posting here on the SANE list.

Based on the info about supported devices on the SANE homepage, I
purchased a used HP 7450C.  This device appears to have most of what I
need: good SANE support, 50 page ADF, and even working front panel

However, now that I've tested this scanner, I've found a few issues.
Chief among them is that this scanner goes to sleep after 15 minutes
of inactivity, and it can't be woken up without a power cycle.

I've been discussing this with the Avision backed developer Rene and
he believes this is fixable.  Thus this scanner might turn out to be a
good solution.

I thought it wouldn't hurt, though, to at least ask this list.  Does
anyone have any recommendations for a scanner with a 50 page ADF and
good SANE support other than the HP 7450C?  I don't see much else that
looks promising on the SANE homepage except maybe one of the Agfa


Philip J. Hollenback
Telemetry Investments