[sane-devel] Cannon 3200F Scanner

Lauri Pirttiaho lauri.pirttiaho at luukku.com
Tue Nov 1 06:38:16 UTC 2005

sorush nazari on Mon Oct 31 21:31:53 UTC 2005
> Guys have you supported the cannon 3200F scanner or not?

By popular demand, status update on CanoScan 3200F.

Happened so far:
- CanoScan 3200F Windows XP Twain driver communications
  analyzed and figured out the boot procedure
- From firmware download at boot, using decompiling
  (manually, took about 3 months), figured out that the
  chip used is ALi M5625.
- From similar (almost identical) Medion MD6190 HW analysis
  (thanks to Bert Sikken and Martin Haag) figured out many
  HW related procedures of the firmware.
- From the USB command interpreter in the firmware figured
  out approximate meanings of many parameters.
- From memory access patterns of motor control state machine
  and scan command procedures figured out meanings of the
  bulk downloads that occur before head movements and scans.
- From low level windows DLL analysis figured out procedures
  to turn on and off the lamps (scan head and transparency
- From Wolfson appplication note and USB snoops figured out
  the AFE calibration procedure.
- From USB snoops figured out the lamp watchdog control.

What I have so far:
- Proper boot.
- Scan head movement and home.
- Line scan at 600 dpi (300/1200 are very similar).
- Preliminary version of lamp control.
- Preliminary version of AFE calibration.
- All as stand-alone experimental programs around usblib.

What I have to figure out next:
- White/Black shading measurement, calibration and setting.
- Proper scan procedures.

What I hope to find somewhere ready made:
- Staggered image unstaggering.
- Skeleton to put everything together as a SANE back-end.

- I hope I will have a working back-end by 2Q06, i.e. about
  one year after I started working on this. Estimated working
  hours by completion 500.

With best regards,

Lauri Pirttiaho

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