[sane-devel] xsane logo name

Rayudu Addagarla rayuduak at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 18:38:07 UTC 2005

 I am trying to get my own backend logo in xsane as it supports. But i
dont  know the limitations in naming it.
 Will the xsane logo work if it has underscore in the backend name
 my regular backend works fine with scanimage.

 I have the backend name say, abcdefg_usbsc
 the number of characters for backend name. does it matter.? [i have 13chars]
 and i have a logo
sane-abcdefg_usbsc-logo.xpm , its in the format sane-"backend"-logo.xpm

without `_` underscore just abcdefg works, ie if backend nameis
abcdefg and logo is sane-abcdefg-logo.xpm , xsane shows my backend
but not other way.
what are the constraints of xsane logo name.
i read that Oliver once told that the order is
scanimage -L
device `abcdefg_usbsc:/dev/scanner' is a Scanner Driver

Kondala Rayudu Addagarla
Java Developer & Unix/Linux Administrator.

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