[sane-devel] Added rts8822l-01h chipset in check-usb-chip.c

JKD JKD at JKDSoft.cjb.net
Mon Nov 7 04:34:10 UTC 2005


I've added some lines in sane-backends/tools/check-usb-chip.c to detect
Realtek RTS8822L-01H chipset.

I you want to update cvs you can find a diff file in this url:

Code checks usb information and then checks the result of reading
a register. It works fine with my scanner (hp3970c).

Scanner hp4070 may be detected but I'm not sure. Usb information is
similar to hp3970 but I'm not sure if its chipset model is the same so
reading its register may fail.

Scanner hp4370 has a different RTS8822 chipset model and the only
difference I see in usb information is that the third endpoint has a
different interval. So this scanner wont pass checking. Perhaps both
models work in the same way and checking the correct interval for this
scanner is enough.

   Jonathan Bravo Lopez

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