[sane-devel] LiDE 60

John Dalton john.dalton at daltons.info
Thu Nov 10 12:31:57 UTC 2005

A quick report on my activities relating to the Canon LiDE60.

I've recorded USB logs for the scanner operating at various
resolutions and am in the process of analysing these.

To analyse these logs I've been writing a PERL script.
The script turns the log into a hyperlinked hierarchy
with comments.  The leaves of the tree are the raw USB
requests and each level of the tree abstracts to a higher
level view of the command sequence.  The script is not
yet complete.  An example of the output is here:

I suspect this duplicates some of Pierre Willenbrock's
effort, but I figured it is a good way to teach myself how USB
devices really work.  Hopefully Pierre will find something
useful in there and the work might even inspire someone
to extend it into a more general log analyser.

Apart from having fun, the aim of my work is:
1) To figure out if there really is any difference between
   an LiDE35 and LiDE60.
2) To submit a (possibly trivial) patch to incorporate LiDE60
   support into SANE.
3) To verify Pierre's work and make LiDE60 (and hopefully
   LiDE35) support as solid as possible.

If anyone is interested, the script I have written is here:
It is a work in progress, so don't anything to be polished.
It's input is output from a modified version of 'parseusbsnoop.awk'
from the SANE cvs, but I hope to change my code so it
can use an unmodified 'parseusbsnoop.awk'.


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