[sane-devel] epson 3490 - transparency unit problem

Oliver Schwartz Oliver.Schwartz at gmx.de
Sun Nov 13 17:42:25 UTC 2005


> I've just bought an epson 3490, and download the
> sane-backends-2005-11-10.tar.gz and
> sane-frontends-2005-11-10.tar.gz.
> While the flatbed seems to work as expected, the transparency unit
> doesn't.
> I want to scan a negative film, but the resulting file is crossed
> by a thick green line.
> I've tried to scan at different scan resolution and bit depth, but
> the resulting scan is always bad. The higher the resolution is the
> thicker the green line is.

I haven't looked at the transparency specific stuff for the 3490 yet. 
As it doesn't work out of the box I'll need an USB trace from the 
windows driver first. Do you think you can provide one?

You need to install an USB sniffer first. I prefer USBSnoop which is 
available from http://benoit.papillault.free.fr/usbsnoop/ . The page 
also gives basic instructions on how to use it.

Once it works you should start logging and do a preview scan and a 
scan of a very small area in low resolution, both times using the 
transparency adapter. The log files tend to get quite large, but it 
should shrink to a manageable size after zipping. Please send it to 
me directly, not to the list.



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