[sane-devel] Trying to use Lexmark 3300 with scanimage

Fred Odendaal freshshelf at rogers.com
Tue Nov 15 04:48:08 UTC 2005

The Lexmark X3300 is unsupported by SANE. Its not even listed in the 
supported devices <http://www.sane-project.org/sane-mfgs.html> web page.

You could write your own driver, or make a request on this list that 
someone write one. I wouldn't hold my breath trying to get someone to 
write one. Its very difficult for the writer unless he has the exact 
same model for testing. Also, Lexmark is very close mouthed about their 
scanner technology, so the writer needs to do a lot of scans on a 
Windows machine using the Lexmark Windows driver and log the usb 
transfers and reverse engineer the backend from the log files.

Fred Odendaal

Terrence van Ettinger wrote:

>	I'm trying to use scanimage with my Lexmark 3300, and
>sane-find-scanner shows it, but when I try to do scanimage, it can't
>find the scanner.  What do I need to do about this?

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