[sane-devel] Re: Re: Re: epson 3490 - transparency unit problem

Levente Novák lnovak at dragon.unideb.hu
Thu Nov 17 08:24:47 UTC 2005

On Tue, 2005-11-15 at 21:13 +0100, Oliver Schwartz wrote:

> I've now adapted the quality calibration code for the 2480 and enabled 
> it for the 3490. It's a pitty that you solved the problem already ;-) 
> otherwise it would be nice to know if quality calibration solves it, 
> too 
> The code is in CVS now, it should show up in the snapshots tomorrow - 
> please test.

I've tested the code with TPU and 3200 dpi (where I noticed a slight
vertical banding at high contrast enhancements before the code change).
It works well, at least I hear the scanner doing the calibration and the
resulting image is better than without (banding almost invisible).

Ah yes, and 16 bpp colour at 3200 dpi works equally well!

Thanks for your efforts!


PS: today evening, I'm planning to run some thorough tests. Which
resolution/bit depth/size combinations should I try?

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