[sane-devel] Repost: HP Questions

terrencev at ak.net terrencev at ak.net
Thu Nov 17 18:48:56 UTC 2005

Hello, all,
	I posted a day or 2 ago, but never heard a response at all, so
am wanting to make sure my message made it.

	Since it seems I may not be able to get my Lexmark to work,
perhaps I should bring up the problem I was having that caused me to go
get the Lexmark in the first place, and see if someone might see
something I missed.
	I had an HP that was working fine with sane, but it suddenly
started having problems a few weeks ago.  I'd go to scan, and scanimage
would respond with, "no sane devices found".  When I would unplug the
thing from the computer (and sometimes the power), scanimage -L would
list it, but then I'd get a read error during device i/o.  So I went out
and bought a brand new USB cable.  Same problem.  Reinstalling sane
didn't help either.  So I figured my HP was dead.  Is it dead, or is
there something else I should try?  Being blind, I need *a* scanner to
read my printed material.  I'll be satisfied if I can at least get one
of the scanners working.  I'm not enough of a programmer to write a
driver, or I probably would have by now.  What can I do to get scanning
back?  As it is now, I have to hike 2 blocks away every time I want to
scan anything.

Thanks again,

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