[sane-devel] Repost: HP Questions

m. allan noah anoah at pfeiffer.edu
Fri Nov 18 01:03:57 UTC 2005

terr- you have too many different issues in one mail, and not enough info 
to actually help you. if you want help debugging your problems with the 
hp, you will need to give info about its model number, what os or distro 
you are using, what version of sane, what changed around the time the 
scanner stopped, what debugging info you have gathered, what steps you 
have tried, etc.

if you have already sent that data in another mail, repeat it.

if you want help writing a driver for the other sanner, then that is a 
different thread.


On Thu, 17 Nov 2005 terrencev at ak.net wrote:

> Hello, all,
> 	I posted a day or 2 ago, but never heard a response at all, so
> am wanting to make sure my message made it.
> 	Since it seems I may not be able to get my Lexmark to work,
> perhaps I should bring up the problem I was having that caused me to go
> get the Lexmark in the first place, and see if someone might see
> something I missed.
> 	I had an HP that was working fine with sane, but it suddenly
> started having problems a few weeks ago.  I'd go to scan, and scanimage
> would respond with, "no sane devices found".  When I would unplug the
> thing from the computer (and sometimes the power), scanimage -L would
> list it, but then I'd get a read error during device i/o.  So I went out
> and bought a brand new USB cable.  Same problem.  Reinstalling sane
> didn't help either.  So I figured my HP was dead.  Is it dead, or is
> there something else I should try?  Being blind, I need *a* scanner to
> read my printed material.  I'll be satisfied if I can at least get one
> of the scanners working.  I'm not enough of a programmer to write a
> driver, or I probably would have by now.  What can I do to get scanning
> back?  As it is now, I have to hike 2 blocks away every time I want to
> scan anything.
> Thanks again,
> Terrence

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