[sane-devel] Mail Setup Problem

Oliver Rauch Oliver.Rauch at Rauch-Domain.DE
Sat Nov 19 10:58:36 UTC 2005

To the "sensible-browser" problem:
I guess that /usr/bin/sensible-browser is a symbolic link to your
prefered webbrowser. By changing the permissions of
/usr/bin/sensible-browser you only change the permissions of the
symbolic link, not of the file where it points to.


ls -l /usr/bin/sensible-browser

and change the permissions of the program where it ponits to.

To the mail problem:

Please do
export XSANE_DEBUG=12
xsane > debug.txt
and try to send a mail
gzip debug.txt and send it to me (NOT TO THE LIST).

Best regards

Am Die, 2005-11-15 um 22.33 schrieb Thomas H. George:
> Xsane (Version 0.97 installed on a stable (Sarge) Debian box with 
> apt-get) works beautifully with my Epson USB scanner and printer.
> My only problem is in trying to email an image.  I have entered the mail 
> setup information exactly as I have for Mozilla.  When I try to transmit 
>   the project the mail project screen first displays a message 'sending' 
> and then a message 'From entry not accepted'.
> I don't where this rejection occurs.  My ISP insists they do not reject 
> any transmission so the problem must be with the software.
> When I clicked on help I got a message:
> 	Failed to execute document viewer: /usr/bin/sensible-browser:
> 	No such file or directory
> In fact, there is such a file but, although I have changed its ownership 
> to root:tom and its permissions to 776, clicking on help still gives the 
> same failure message..  This was not a show stopper as I went to 
> www.xsane.org/doc and read the mail setup instructions there.
> Any suggestions?
> Tom George

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