[sane-devel] Brother MFC-610 CLN scanner with network cable

Martin Olof Andersson martin.olof.andersson at gmail.com
Sun Nov 20 12:31:40 UTC 2005

Dear list

I have a combined printer/scanner. It is connected to my home network to a
switch using a network cable. After fiddling a bit, I could get the printer
working nicely, thanks to nice instructions at

I have then tried to install the scanner but I dont get it working. Maybe
because I dont find any instructions or maybe because it is not possible? It
seems to be prepared for usb scanners. But then I think, that if it works
with usb, it should also work with a network cable. Or can I just forget
about making the scanner working.

I am using Suse 10.0 and a Brother MFC-610 CLN. Any recommendations would be
warmly appreciated.

Best regards
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