[sane-devel] xsane-0.98 released.

Oliver Rauch Oliver.Rauch at Rauch-Domain.DE
Sun Nov 20 23:13:20 UTC 2005


I released xsane-0.98 sourcecode

you can download it from http://www.xsane.org

When I will find the time I will create a xsane-WIN32 binary,
but this will take some time!

Best regards


 - void xsane_batch_scan_scan_list(void):
   added if (gtk_events_pending()) in while (xsane.scanning)
   (this was removed in xsane-0.97 what made a lot of trouble)
 - corrected bad <Toolbox/...> italian transations for gimp plugin
 - added Postscript Zlib-Compression and Ascii-85 compression
   (patch by Julien BLACHE <jb at jblache.org>)
 - added (single page) PDF saving routine
   (patch by Julien BLACHE <jb at jblache.org>)
 - added PDF and Postscript to mail-mode. PDF and Postscript documents
can not
   be displayed inline in html mails. I also do not know a way to
display a
   link to a document that is integrated in the mail. So the <IMAGE> tag
   has no effect for pdf and postscript documents in html mode.
 - --print-filenames prints the filenames after conversion, so it is
   safe that the file exists and is complete
 - selected medium definition is stored in preferences now
 - BUGFIX for scanners that do not allow to set all resolutions.
   In fax mode an possibly also in copy mode the created pages
   had a wrong scaling when the scanner did not support the
   desired resolution:
   - xsane_set_resolution returns bestdpi = selected resolution
   - xsane_set_all_resolutions stores bestdpi as used resolution
 - when option 0 (num_options) has not defined SANE_CAP_SOFT_DETECT
   then xsane prints a warning but does try to read the option value
 - added xsane_mode (VIEWER/SAVE/EMAIL/FAX/etc) to preferences
 - po/*: all po files are in UTF-8 code now
   to transform non-UTF-8 po files to UTF-8 put the po file
   into the IMPORT_PO_DIR directory and call in the po directory
   "make import-po-files"
 - rename xsane-logo2.jpg to xsane-logo.jpg and changed all
   html files to xsane-logo.jpg
 - viewer uses preferences.filetype instead of "by ext"
 - localedir for sane-backends is set by sane-prefix instead of
 - replaced printf by g_print to get correct output on non-utf-8
 - question mark '?' and asterisk '*' in filenames are replaced by
underscore '_'
 - translations: U=updated, N=not updated, A=added/new
   cs da de es fr hu it ja nl pl pt pt_BR ro ru sk sl sr sv tr vi zh
   U  U  U  N  N  U  U  N  N  N  N  N     N  U  U  N  N  N  N  N  N

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