[Fwd: [sane-devel] Two problems scanning hp scanjet 7400c]

Erik P. Olsen erik at epo.dk
Mon Nov 28 01:04:25 UTC 2005

Hi René,

On Sun, 2005-11-27 at 22:58 +0100, René Rebe wrote:
> Hi Eric,
> sorry for the slow response. I think your issue no. 1 might^Wshould be
> fixed in my code from:
> http://svn.exactcode.de/sane-avision/trunk/backend/

This was even worse. Now the scanner won't start. I am getting an error
box saying: "Failed to start scanner. Error during device I/O". I've
sent you in a separate mail a debug listing of this new problem.
> If your problem no. 2 still exists in that code please drop me a note
> and I'll remove the dust from the HP 7400 in the corner and see what
> I can do.

As the scanner doesn't start I cannot test problem no. 2.
> I plan to merge the most tested bits into SANE CVS before the code freeze.
> > 1. If using sane-avision backend with xsane scanning more than one
> > document, the second scan is always incorrect. It seems to scan half
> > speed and it stops approx. half way through the scan. I have to exit
> > xsane and reenter to get the second (and subsequent scans) correct. I
> > don't know whether the bug is in xsane or sane-avision but it's
> > apparently not correctly reset when the first scan is finished.
> > 
> > 2. scanimage --mode Line | lpr produces an all black image.
> > 
> > I use FC3 almost fully upgraded, sane-backends 1.0.15 and xsane 0.95
> Yours,

Erik P. Olsen

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