[sane-devel] Thinking about trying to add support for Mustek 1200 III EP

Ron Hunter-Duvar ronhd at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Oct 5 21:42:53 UTC 2005

On October 5, 2005 14:51, Jochen Eisinger wrote:
> Hi,
> I once started to write a driver for this scanner, which was quite
> unstable and only supported greyscale scanning. Basically, it's a
> modification of the ccd300 driver.

If you could pass on whatever code you had, if you still have it, it might 
help get me started.

> I'm always thankful if somebody wants to take over a part of the backend
> by adding support for a scanner. However, this is quite a difficult and
> lengthy process.

That's what I'm afraid of. But even if I end up buying a new scanner, it might 
still be an interesting project.

> The low-level communication is already there, and the mustek_pp backend
> is written in such a way that you only have to implement the scanner
> protocol, the SANE protocol is handled by generic wrappers.

Well, having those two pieces should help a lot.

> anway, i'll try to find some usable material about this scanner -
> without that it's kinda worthless to start in the first place

That's what I suspected. It would be great if you could find some info for me. 
Even though it's an old scanner, the Windoze driver is still available for 
download, so one would think there would be some info available somewhere, if 
Mustek can be persuaded to turn it over. Even just the source for the driver, 
if nothing else.

> kind regards
> -- jochen


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