[sane-devel] OpticPro ST24 at cvs-04-01-2001

tymoteusz drozd tymoteusz.drozd at gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 14:54:13 UTC 2006

Hi all 
i have done small test of ganesys backend (cvs-01042006) with Plustek OpticPro 
St24.I whose very happy when my scanner start scaning (after uncommenting 
proper line in genesys.conf).but afther while i discovered that some things 
are not right.
	in 150dpi mode (grayscale) everything is perfect :). after change to color
i recive bad synchronization between red green and blue. also i'v seen 
black ?!? im not sure is this right. i know about rgb colors but i dont know 
about rgb & black .reasumming - color palette is wrong(im almost sure that is 
becuse black apears as another base kolor).
	in 300dpi mode i have nottice problem with scanning speed which is two times 
to fast
 and thats result in leaving physical area of scan(possible damange  of 
scanner).(fix is possible by correct scanning speed. for example normal speed 
is in 150dpi right now.halfspeed should be in 300dpi.in 600 dpi speed should 
be 4 times smaller then in 150dpi. and 1200dpi gets 8 times smaller speed).i 
also think that synchronization  of  colors is bad by wrong speed of 
	Scanning in higher resolution is not possible due to leaving of physical 
scanning area.
I hope that those information can be useful.
if somebody has more succes with this scanner pleas let me know.

ps.sorry for errors in text.english isnt my strong side :)



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