[sane-devel] Epson 3490 copy

Gary Montalbine gmontalbine at cox.net
Sat Apr 8 20:40:46 UTC 2006

I recently exchanged my Epson 3170 for and Epson 3490 because I was 
unhappy with Iscan. I may have made a mistake. I am using Mandriva 
2006CE, sane-backends 1.0.17 and xsane 0.991. I am using the default 

When I try to make a copy to printer, the preview scan in color and gray 
scale  produces a gray tint where it should be white. This prints out. 
In the lineart mode I get a satisfactory printout. However if I try to 
crop at the bottom the top gets cut off on the printout.

With nothing in the scanner I get the same graysih shading.

I tried to copy a color picture in gimp. The preview look fair except 
the lines were jagged at the  major color changes. When I scanned it the 
picture looked like it had a good case of grayish colored measles.

Is this a defective scanner?


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