[sane-devel] old Agfa DuoScan / Floating point exception

Frank Zago sane at zago.net
Sun Apr 16 11:11:46 UTC 2006

Hello Daniel,

As indicated by the trace you provided, the crash happenned at line 4017 
in microtek.c:
  s->max_scsi_lines = SCSI_BUFF_SIZE / (s->pixel_bpl + s->header_bpl);

So this is a division by 0. Which probably means that both s->pixel_bpl 
and s->header_bpl are 0.

Looking at the other traces, it looks like your scanner could be 
supported. But you'll have to recompile the microtek backend to add more 
traces to understand why these values are not set. Do you know how to do 
that ? Do you know a bit of C ?


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