[sane-devel] old Agfa DuoScan / Floating point exception

Daniel Bauer linux at daniel-bauer.com
Mon Apr 17 11:53:31 UTC 2006

Am Montag, 17. April 2006 12:18 schrieb Frank Zago:

> Before changing the code, set SANE_DEBUG_MICROTEK to 128 (type "export
> SANE_DEBUG_MICROTEK=128" under your shell) and redo your test. That will
> give more information.
> In particular get_scan_status() doesn't seems to return the correct
> information, which leads to linewidth being 0.
> Frank.

that didn't change anything. Typing the export command (in the console after 
"su -l root") didn't produce any answer, I guess that's how it should be (?). 
Then typing "scanimage --device-name=microtek:/dev/sg0" produced the same 
list as before. Also the crash-messages after trying Kooka (in a root 
session) have been the same (compared last one to the new one with KDiff3, 
same text, same number of lines, only the thread number and some Hex-numbers 
in the lines with the ??'s are different (saved it, in case you still want to 
see it).

Is it possible that I first need to install some "debug package" or something?


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