[sane-devel] Question about kooka

Bertrik Sikken bertrik at zonnet.nl
Wed Apr 19 16:56:14 UTC 2006

Tamkang wrote:
> Hello Henning,
> I want to ask you about kooka, I have a weird problem with kooka,  I
> don't know where is goes wrong, I mean, in xsane, gimp, all is work ok ,
> but not in kooka, as I know kooka also using sane-backend , so my driver
> also can also work for kooka. but now I met the problem is like this,
> the kooka recognize my driver, but when I preview or scanning, the
> carridge start to move and return back to home quickly, not same with
> xsane , normally the carridge will move preview one page and return back
> to home,  but in kooka is different it only move about a little step and
> return home quick, so it doesn't scan the image, and the kooka is no
> hang or nothing error message.  I already try to search this
> information, the problem is, why in xsane is working but not in kooka?
> can you help me ? Thanks for advance

You can get debugging information from the sane backend by doing
'export SANE_DEBUG_<backend-name>=255'
and then running the frontend application (kooka).

In my experience (but this is several years old), kooka itself
contains quite a few bugs. While developing a sane backend with xsane
and kooka, most problems between the backend and xsane were caused by
bugs in the backend, while most problems between the backend and kooka
were caused by bugs in kooka.


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