[sane-devel] Backend driver for Canon CanoScan 4200f

David S. Yoder davidsyoder at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 19 19:17:58 UTC 2006

Hi All,

Being somewhat new to Linux and very new to user/developer groups,
I have a number of questions:

 From the SANE Supported devices and a short scan of the Archive
library, it seems apparent that the Canon CanoScan 4200f is NOT
supported, also that Canon is not likely to provide the interface info.
(I've sent them several emails and mostly received a run-around, or
email addresses for non-responding managers.

Is anyone currently working on a Sane backend driver for the CanoScan 4200f?

If not, I'm willing to try (I have sufficient programming experience) 
but have
no experience in developing drivers for Linux, so I will need some guidance
in order to comply with the SANE group's guidelines/principles/rules.

Concerning retrieving/storing source from/to CVS, I have no experience, so
again there is a need for help.  Is there a document providing the necessary

I have a dual boot with Windows 2000 Pro and SuSE 9.3, the scanner is
(of course) a CanoScan 4200f.

Is there a tool for searching the Archives for info about scanner chips, 

Thanks for any help/info/guidance.

Dave Yoder

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